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AGSM Student Society

Student Society and Clubs

We place a high value on the sense of community amongst our students.

Students can get involved by joining student society or one of the many social or industry-aligned clubs, all of which have formal and informal events throughout the year.


AGSM Student Society

The AGSM Student Society is the student elected body which has student driven oversight over general affairs concerning the AGSM full time student population. The body works as a bridge between the student population and the administrative body. Duties revolve around student representation at executive meetings, stewardship of the program and instigating new mechanisms to improve the experience of an AGSM student. Reaffirming the AGSM culture is also a core part of the AGSM Student Society.


Website:  www.stusoc.agsmclubs.com


President:  Trevor Harris

Lead the Student Society as an ambassador and serve as the liaison with the larger AGSM, Business School, and UNSW community. Build and strengthen relationships with industry and other business schools.



Vice President:  Robert Ludwick

Provide support for new initiatives within the 2016 cohort and facilitate the coordination between the Industry Clubs, Student Society, Career Services and entire ASGM Community.



Finance Manager:  Rizzia Litany

Manage Student Society budget and the allocation of resources required to perform all activities carried out by Student Society and clubs.



External Relations Manager: Kaoru Nishinakagawa

Unite full time cohort, Alumni and eMBA to create one AGSM value and increase the significance of cohort domestically and internationally



Communications Team:  Christine Savage, Tatiana Rivera Hadad, Nandini Gaur

Serve as Editor-in-Chiefs of AGSM STAR magazine and provide ad hoc communication support for StuSoc and Club Presidents



Events Manager:  Pablo

Plan and manage all full cohort events.



Technology Manager:  Karan Kaushik

Manage and maintain Student Society and Club technology needs.